Your investment program

Part of your long-term plan includes investing your assets, and we do this with the benefit of Team Hewins’ disciplined, knowledge-based process. We seek to create low-cost, broadly diversified, tax-efficient portfolios without market timing or “black box” tactics.

We believe long-term success is driven by:

  • Basing your program on a well-designed financial plan
  • Understanding your appetite for risk and your need for return
  • Designing and adhering to an optimal asset allocation strategy
  • Tilting your portfolio toward the fundamental factors revealed to contribute to long-term returns by academic research

Team Hewins works hard to keep your program free of the kind of mistakes that occur when a good plan isn’t dutifully followed. We strive to make maintenance easy and transparent. And in line with our service ethic, we are fee-only fiduciaries who do not sell any financial products. We work only for you. We are on your team and no one else’s.

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