Randy Savage

I was 22 years young the first time I noticed money. Man, I was upset I didn’t have enough to afford the new lego set I had my eye on.

Dennis Rodman

Hopefully these choices are somewhat predictable if you’ve been listening to us go on about these artists here or on the radio over the past 10+ years, and please excuse the inevitable recency bias (hello LDR!)

Rico Wade

I got hit by a motorcycle once and that was a pretty great day. Wait, what am I supposed to be writing about again?

Michael Keaton

I love money! I know that’s not the question but just thought I’d re-emphasize the fact. Thanks for listening.

Steven Seagal

I can remember it so well. The air was crisp, the leaves turning yellow, just nothing but me, my moped, the Bodyguard soundtrack on cassette tape, and the open road. This has nothing to do with money actually. You should probably not publish this comment. But thanks...
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